Easy Options comprises a highly qualified and dedicated team, wholly committed to providing an effective and efficient visa information and application service to commercial and private applicants. Our commitment to efficiency, accuracy and detail has won the attention of a good number of regular travelers and we love to enjoy preferred visa supplier status with a significant proportion of the current market in the travel industry.

Our dedication to outstanding professionalism has won the attention of a number of the leading forces in the travel industry, which has allowed us to establish ourselves as the preferred supplier of both business and tourist visas to a large number of independent and corporate agents.

We pride ourselves above all for the unparalleled service that we provide on an individual level, utilizing India based call centers with no automated telephone service, ensuring that the specific requirements of each individual client are given the consideration and attention they deserve.

Our Visa specialists also maintain extremely good relations with the various Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates located in India and Qatar; in addition, we use our own PROs to collect the visas when they are ready. This is an advantageous option compared to using a counter staff service as it allows our staff to monitor the progress of our client’s visa applications much more closely and to maintain a direct and personal relationship with specific embassies. We are continuing to explore further avenues for expansion as well as refining and improving the current services provided, with a view to becoming the market leader in business and tourist visa account handling in India and Qatar.

We realize that, before you apply for your documentation, you would like to know as much information about your visa as possible. Call us now on 860-666-2330– and our visa specialists will be able to answer any queries.